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February 5th, 2013

Guess what guys?


Surprised? Averse to change? Let me explain.

Blogger (always Blogspot to me) has been a great home to Nerdery and Lifery since the days when I didn't know what to write. But recently, Blogger has been rebelling against me.

More importantly, since I draw silly things, it is bothersome when I try to upload something and get this:

Then the screen will freeze on me. Ask me if I like it? Go ahead, internet, ask me if I like it.

And thus we're moving and the only person who has to do the heavy lifting is me. Except this will be much easier than carrying furniture up to a second floor apartment. Which I am super pleased by.

But I can't let go of Blogger/Blogspot that easily due to nostalgia, so I'm going to leave most of the posts here. I might move some of my favorite posts over to the new place, but if I had to move ALL the posts from the previous two years to the new blog, I would die. (Exaggeration is fun!) Therefore, if you're ever feeling the need to read some of my older stuff, the Blogger version of N&L will still be here for you and I'll link it on the new site too.

So come visit me at my new home via Wordpress!


January 25th, 2013

I know quite a few people who like Downton Abbey. They like it a lot.

Since so many people enjoy it, I thought to myself, "I might as well give this a go. It's available on streaming and it's a period piece. Plus, people are raving for it so I should probably jump on that bandwagon."

Because of this, I watched the first three episodes...

...over the course of one year.

Now, I can read minds from various points in time and space, and I'm hearing in several thoughts in that sum up to, "What is wrong with you? You should have finished that in a day? I hate you now! YOU ARE BROKEN INSIDE!"

I may be alone in this, but I believe that the show's main issue is the fact that it really needs a dragon.

Actually, it needs multitudes of dragons. Because how cool would it be to see a show set in turn of the century England? Especially as military assets in WW!

It would be super awesome and a half and you know it. Someone put zombies in Pride and Prejudice. Why shouldn't there be dragons in a early 1900s drama that circles around the higher and lower class living in the same household? Let's heighten the stakes, people!

Plus, the Turkish person's storyline would have been a little more interesting.

You're welcome, Downton fans.

PS Do Downton Abbey fans have a special nickname for themselves like the Whovians or the Potterheads? Is it the Downtonians? That sounds a little funny. A Kewpie doll to whoever can come up with a better Downton Abby fan name! Or a free commission... but only if it's really good.

January 14th, 2013

Ah, my hibernation has come to an end and it's back to blogging.

I don't know about your 2012, but mine was kind of crappy. Obviously this past year did not read my letter to it entitled Attn: 2012. Or it did and decided to ignore me. Either way, 2012 is a dick.

Then again... it was the year of The Avengers. That was nice. And epic. And nice.

And Les Miserables came out at the end of the year. I don't care if there are people who didn't like it, that movie was magic. MAGIC I SAY.

So those were two nice things. But that's it.

Oh! and November marked my one year wedding anniversary. Yay, legally binding monogamous commitment!

Three nice things happened. I'm happy for those things.

Otherwise, the anthropomorphized version of 2012 that lives in my brain is a douchebag. Now there's a new tenant called 2013. Let's hope I won't have to make too many renovations after it's lease is up. (I'm not sure how I feel about the fact that I just made an analogy of my life to that of an apartment complex.)

September 24th, 2012

Visit the Anomaly Podcast website! Subscribe on iTunes! Listen on Stitcher!

Do you want to hear me talk about things? Like sci-fi, fantasy, and general geeky things? I co-host a sister podcast for Anomaly called Anomaly Supplemental. Our most recent episode is about William Shakespeare and his influence on science fiction. The next two will be a Doctor Who review and a Ghostbusters-themed show. So... please love me and listen to my nonsensical ramblings.

September 21st, 2012

More comic blogs and FAF #3 next week.

September 17th, 2012

I've watched the video ten times today instead of doing anything productive. I have no shame, and I shall continue to remain shameless. How's the weather up there on all of your high horses? You naysayers and your high horses... go take that pun and ponder your uncomfortable bowlegged-ness. I'm going to dance my cares away and worry for another day. Let the music play--oh my god, I have to watch the video again!

Go watch the music video on the Nerdist YouTube channel. And that offer is still on the table for the makers involved. Money or body. Or both, I don't care.

I'm serious, you guys.



... seriously...

September 14th, 2012

Batman: The Animated Series was one of my favorite cartoons as a kid. And it celebrated its 20th anniversary this week. So I decided to take to my drawing tablet and make something. No Batman drawings. What? Everything has to be about Batman just because his name's in the title? Fuck that! Instead I chose Talia Al Ghul. I love the women of Batman because they are so interesting, but Talia is my favorite because for the few times you see her in the series, she's so conflicted. And gorgeous. I mean, seriously, she and Selina Kyle in this show are my girl crushes. The rough draft.

The [messy] final draft.

By the way, has anybody tried to do that crazy bang thing that she has? Tried to cover one eye with your hair? I did. And I looked like an idiot. And that's reason #72 why I have a pixie cut.

September 4th, 2012

After writing my last post, I started having some issues with cartooning and writing. Author Patrick Rothfuss (Name of the Wind) is anti-writer's block and is a firm believer that it doesn't exist. I do think that there are times when someone can't think of anything to write. But then again, my writer's block is a manifestation of self-censorship and depression, and therefore I find reasons not to write.

I think the self-censorship is informed by many, many things, including my natural shyness, my religious upbringing, and those goddamn public relations courses in college. Oh, there's also the fact that some of my family members read my blog. Hi, guys! Hope you enjoyed that part where I broke that Commandment.

Here's what happens: I find out that people I know are reading my blog. I get wary of their opinions of me and I immediately censor myself. When I censor myself, I get frustrated with my work. And--boom!--writer's block. After that--bang!--depression. I feel as if I can't express myself without hurting someone's feelings, yet I get upset because I can't think of anything to write. And then I start weeping because I think everyone hates my work and I let them down when I don't post.

Let me say that again. I start weeping because I think everyone will hate my work and I let them down when I don't post. Because of this, I'm spending weeks getting stuck in a sucky cycle of anti-production, self-loathing and pure crazy, begging my poor Husband to buy multiple pints of Ben and Jerry's for me.

Needless to say, I'm feeling a bit better now.

Where do we go from here? Well, I re-read my own About Me page because that's a good start for everything. And I noticed that I have only lived up to about half of that.

So, I say fuck it. From now on, I'm going to write what I want to write. Don't worry, I'll still have some adorable, silly things to say. It's just that this tender rabbit is going to have more bite to her... very similar to the killer bunny in The Search for the Holy Grail.

Yep... things are looking up from here.

NOTE: Not a real text. Although, I'm taking bets about what the real one is going to be.

August 31st, 2012

I'm alive. New blog schedule will begin next week. New post will be up on Tuesday, but after that the posting schedule will be Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. So while you wait for handwritten, goofy comic shenanigans, enjoy your Doctor Who weekend! Here's a rough draft of the Eleventh Doctor I've been working on.

July 18th, 2012

A quick apology for the slack in posting an adorable cartoon this week. I promise there will be one next week... well, at least one.

I've been debating this for a while now, but I think I finally want to commit to it. Plus, if I put it in writing here, I'm going to have to hold up to it. I'm going to revamp my posting schedule a little bit and place 2 to 3 drawings a week on Nerdery and Lifery for public viewing. There are a few reasons for this.

Reason #1. I'm an attention whore. I say so in my About Me page.

Reason #2. Regarding Reason #1, I like to earn my place as an attention whore working hard, and creating content 2 to 3 times weekly is hard work and gratifying work.

Reason #3. When I went to a book signing for "Wise Man's Fear," Patrick Rothfuss had the following to say about writer's block: "There is no such thing. You either write or you're being lazy." Or... that was the gist of it. I can't remember his exact words, I suffer some minor amnesia after laughing to hard at his humor column about the gerbil. Anyway, the point is that I do not want to take the chance of succumbing to laziness and label it as "writer's block." While there are many things of Netflix that I would love to be watching, I'd much rather be writing and drawing and showboating.

So it's going to get a little crazy around here with the organization and when I'll be scheduling posts and what not, but here's my plan.

One day is going to feature a short one page, one panel comic. Almost like political cartoons, except funnier and possibly about something in pop culture or an event that made me look stupid that week.

The second day is going to feature a multiple panel comic. I'm challenging myself here because I don't really like putting my sketches into tiny boxes, but I've always found the format interesting and I admire comic artists that can do that. Some days they'll take a more bloggy tone where I'm storytelling, other days will be more of an in the moment "Sunday comic strip" kind of feeling.

And the third day I'll post some of my own fan-based art. In the end, I'm just a big nerd that loves TV shows, books, movies, TV and theatre, so why not honor that and post some of my fan work somewhere other than deviantart? However, I will say that these postings may be the most inconsistent. I mean, I have responsibilities--a husband, a dog, and a Netflix queue--but I will try my best to idolize my favorite things that bring out the fangirl in me.

There you have it. That's the plan. Now, off you get... you've all got some rabbit holes to fall into. I've heard Reddit and StumbleUpon will keep you entertained for hours. I'm more of a Pinterest girl, but whatever floats your dead mermaid.


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